2 Rolls – SPORTTAPE Finger Tape Zinc Oxide Tape – Black – 1.25cm x 10m – for Jiu Jitsu, Bouldering, Rock Climbing, BJJ, Crossfit, Rowing, Climbing & Golf – (1 Pack of 2 Rolls)


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  • 🥋 JIU JITSU FINGER TAPE – The 1.25cm width is perfect for taping & strapping fingers and thumbs when grappling or weightlifting. Used predominantly within Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and other martial arts as a finger protection tape our Zinc Oxide tapes are designed for elite sport.
  • 🧗 ROCK CLIMBING TAPE – Used to protect the fingers when rock climbing our 0.5 inch climbing finger tape places the strength emphasis onto your wrists rather than your finger grip by restricting the flexion in your finger meaning less fatigue and a better climb.
  • 👌 HAND TEARABLE PACK OF 2 – Our 1.25cm Zinc Oxide Finger Tape can be ripped by hand for fast applications. It is also LATEX FREE and made from organic cotton so there’s no worry over allergic reactions ⚠️ Our rolls are wrapped as PACKS OF 2.
  • 🏌️ Golf Finger Tape – Commonly used by golfers and in rowing to protect athletes’ fingers and hands from blisters caused by holding a club or oar. Our Zinc Oxide Tape is lightweight and thin so doesn’t restrict your feel against whatever you’re holding.
  • 💯ATHLETIC TAPE – Our 1.25cm Zinc Oxide Tape is perfect for sports tape strapping in all sports – from boxing to cricket and crossfit. Our 100% performance Guarantee promises that we won’t let you down.